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Acharya Harihar Post Graduate Institute of Cancer, Cuttack

Medical Oncology

Medical oncology department has an important role in the management of cancer cases. The main function of this division is to provide treatment care for the patients suffering from wide range of malignant neoplasms especially for haematological malignancies, lymphoma and solid neoplasms by chemotherapy as primary mode, concurrent mode (CT/RT), neo-adjuvant before RT/ Surgery or adjuvant mode following RT/Surgery.

Department of Medical Oncology has a Paediatric Oncology Wing for paediatric patients coming to the centre. The ten bedded Sovan Bhuyan Memorial Day Care Unit is serving under the department for the patients receiving chemotherapy.

Significant Events

  • • All the faculties are actively involved in District Chemotherapy Programme of Govt. of Odisha as resource persons.
  • • One day sensitization programme for doctors and two weeks orientation course for nurses of DHHs and Capital Hospital on "Administration of Chemotherapy" were conducted under the direct supervision of the departmental faculties.
  • • Organized Annual Day of Sovan Bhuyan Memorial Day Care Unit.

Meet Our Team

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1 Professor Dr. Diptirani Samanta diptiranisamanta@rediffmail.com
Mob :- 9437032728
2 Associate Professor Dr. Prasanta Kumar Parida drprasantdm@gmail.com
Mob :- 9583388288
3 Assistant Professor Dr. Lalmohan Soy lalsoy@yahoo.com
Mob :- 8763223578
4 Senior Resident Dr. Biswajeet Kar dr.biswajeet12@gmail.com
Mob :- 9437186703
5 Deployed Dr. Surjya Narayan Mishra Mob :- 9437387263
6 Senior Resident Dr. Swaraj Sankar Satapathy Mob :- 7978459449 swaraj.meyona08@gmail.com
7 Deployed Dr. Sugyan Nandan Mohanty sugyanm@gmail.com Mob - 9556391914

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